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Bootstrap Responsive Not Working


OK. The first is the fact that the images of the speakers do not disappear, but instead resized at a proper size to fit the screen. What framework (such as Twitter Bootstrap) you're using, if any, etc. –ajacian81 Jan 13 '13 at 14:38 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 139 down vote We usually think of mobile network speeds in terms of bandwidth. http://pagesetter.net/not-working/bootstrap-ie8-not-working.html

In practice, however, it's a nightmare that barely anyone gets right. I have the same issue. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed But this doesn’t mean that a single URL should always deliver the same document or that every device should download the same resources.

Bootstrap Responsive Not Working

There are no general rules, this is better than that; you need to test, measure and decide on your own particular problem. -2 31 Luca Passani July 22, 2014 4:29 pm Thanks for reading and I hope it helps! I will continue to design standards compliant fixed width designs for now. Responsive web design was never meant to “solve” performance, which is why we can’t blame the technique itself.

So that you can take a better decision. geoffrey Treehouse Moderator 27,482 Points geoffrey geoffrey Treehouse Moderator 27,482 Points 2y ago Yep, you are right, that's the solution, it's because of the margin-top of the h1... Best wishes Reply · 0 | 2012-05-07T08:52:39+0000 Login Or Email field is required Good article although i disagree. Viewport Not Working http://t.co/YsR6QGvW via @webdesignshock Reply · 0 | 2012-06-17T08:49:41+0000 Login Or Email field is required 11 reasons why Responsive Design isn’t that cool!

Hardcover, 312 pages. Css Not Working On Mobile But it's important to have a long-term strategy for making all of your content accessible on the whole slew of present and future web-enabled gizmos. Just needing some direction in the maze that is web design! All rights reserved.

It's been great watching mobile web design transform from a complete afterthought to the center of everyone's Web strategy. Bootstrap Not Scaling On Mobile Not a Member Yet? Maintain a single codebase. I think that worked!

Css Not Working On Mobile

anywhere else. Maybe the problem is I can't redefine the url content "after the fact". Bootstrap Responsive Not Working Log In Username Password Remember Me Forget you password? Responsive Site Not Working On Iphone It’s been outside for quite a long time.

Mixing responsive design with server-side components is not new. his comment is here They are definitely not downloading the whole page, not even the sidebars until the onload. This must be a setup issue that you will need to resolve with them. All of your png's are uncompressed with no transparency (meaning why use a png?). Wordpress Website Not Working On Mobile

This image is perfect for an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S and its main characteristic is the shrinking of the texts, using the smallest font size possible, as well as Some have a primarily mobile appeal but have a complementary desktop aspect (for instance for complex configuration tasks). Use min-device-width and max-device-width. http://pagesetter.net/not-working/iis-url-rewrite-not-working-404.html Just something to think about. 2 8 Maximiliano Firtman July 23, 2014 8:14 pm Facebook is a great example; they work exactly with the ATF content idea or even more aggressive

Business owners want popup adverts and facebook like buttons. Iphone Ignoring Media Queries Further Reading I Don't Want Your Fucking App Lots of appblock examples on WTF Mobile Web The User's Choice? Web experiences are extremely fluid and are viewed in many different settings and scenarios.

Does a mobile device with 3G latency deserve 39 external files just to get the view shown below? 12 The Starbuck's website in different states. (View large version13) You might be

Reply · 0 | 2011-10-27T01:54:06+0000 Login Or Email field is required hi Nigel, your right both mobile and responsive websites have benefits, and we would love to see your final decision. Squarespace Tech. This means that at least the HTML and CSS for the above-the-fold content should fit in a single 14 KB HTTP response. Get the book → With responsive design, creating Photoshop mock-ups is just inefficient.

Using external Javascript and CSS files helps to improve the website’s speed and using Ajax for pages to be asynchronously updated whenever a user needs it. Let's stay primitive, folks. David Gerbino | @dmgerbino 06.28.13 Dude! Default resolution at portrait mode on an ipad is 768px wide ( and even lower on Android tablets i believe ), so without applying responsive techniques what can we do if http://pagesetter.net/not-working/volkswagen-key-fob-not-working.html But, I'm simply forwarding jenniferevaniew.com to the github address.

Just one and it will adapt to everything. speed; I'm not sure we are there yet. 3 30 Maximiliano Firtman July 22, 2014 11:26 pm This is not against RWD techniques, but the implications on mobile. Lastly, you're using javascript to animate the letters on your footer. Still, it is important to specify that a responsive scheme settles a ground on web design and extends a wide range of opportunities to experiment and test on the vast variety

Each one of these is as important as a single piece for a great mobile experience that if you focus your design skills to adequate a desktop website for a mobile Your article would have been accepted a lot easier if the title and content was focused more on optimization in general and less about how RWD creates problems on mobile. edition), Up and Running: jQuery Mobile and the upcoming High Performance Mobile Web.