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My Rcn Bill Pay


I might suggest, talking them into giving you a new modem. Unfortunately there are only 2 choices where I live, RCN and Comcast so very slim pickings for me. Journalists! All Rights Reserved.

I'm a computer and network technician myself, though; some of them do need to learn how to talk to non-technical users. Sep 22 brandierenae fashion forward time traveler OMG !!! truth be told ... How do I switch to BYOM?As long as you have an RCN-approved modem, you may have this service.

My Rcn Bill Pay

Sep 23 Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon I have a Motorola Surfboard 3.0 that I purchased myself. The downstream has *plenty* of capacity to handle this traffic, so it should not cause any performance degradation.Most cable modems have an LED labeled Cable or Data or D/S, which indicates I decided to keep a log of when It did it.

But don't look for this to happen when you call for service. As with the forward power, every device between your modem and RCN"s facilities represents a degree of loss that forces your modem to talk louder. Then I call the last guy who came and gave me his cell phone. Rcn Return Equipment Chicago I don't always have time to mess around - and it does grate on my nerves.

No supervisor? Rcn Live Chat car, those power lines down the street, HAM radio operators and even that "Amplifier" that you might have purchased to enhance a picture quality. You should simply contact a RCN support representative at 1-800-RING-RCN (1-800-746-4726) and let us know the MAC address from the new modem.•Will RCN sell the RCN-owned modem to me?At this time Once someone at RCN looked at the numbers of problems they realized and pinpointed problem and fixed it.

It's only today since I've become the squeaky wheel that customer service has chimed in at all. Rcn Wifi Not Working I try calling him again tomorrow.D. Sep 27 Inactive user Give up TV, read books. Massachusetts question 4 passes, not happy [InTheNews] by IowaCowboy555.

  • Of course, no broadband provider is going to admit this.
  • The higher the number the better your modem can hear us.
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Digital TV On Demand FAQs RCN On Demand allows you to select a movie from thousands of hours of programming and order movies instantly from the library of
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    You must return your Starpower cable modem to your closest local office to avoid monthly rental charges.•What if I have already paid for a technician to install my BYOM and that In other words, if you have a 4-way splitter with two unused ports replacing that splitter with a two-way split would be the difference between having a -10dBmv and a -13dBmv My Rcn Bill Pay SB6190 is a terrible modem - Intel Puma 6 / MaxLinear mistake [Cox] by xymox1472. Rcn Email Settings The experience of someone living halfway across the neighborhood from you is irrelevant (unless you're planning to move next door to him).

    Include the word 'alkaline' in your message so we know you actually read this. I'm determined to get THEM to figure it out and fix it, rather than try to figure it out myself. Comcast couldn't fix it in 6 months. For at least the last 2 years I have been experiencing periodic random losses of connectivity manifested by my modem being unable to connect and self-rebooting until the service returns. Rcn Pay Bill Online

    I'd try rebooting your router and such if you haven't already. a client gets gruntled enough - they leave. be assertive.5 days? Then a technician comes, and either it is working by the time he shows up (so he says he cannot do anything) or they find something in the alley (or wherever).

    This PDF guide gives you quick start-up steps to start enjoying the TiVo experience. Rcn Troubleshooting In general each "port" on a splitter equals about 1.5 db of signal loss. MOST people wont do this - they make one call and assume they've handled things, when - in actuality - if they spent a few more minutes playing CSR lotto --

    Sep 23 Inactive user Looks like we've assembled a pretty good knowledge base here relatively quickly!

    Frustrating! Have a look at the /r/boston wiki FAQ to see if your question is frequently asked/answered! View on map Live Outage Map » I have a problem with RCN × What isn't working? 3:1 Rcn Gateway This turned out to be a problem caused by the Verizon guy when he was working on my neighbor's apartment, and RCN didn't know what to do about it.

    Hope that helps. Sep 22 Inactive user I will just add again, 'cause it seems this message may not be getting through -- kinda like when you have PACKET LOSS on an internet line!! Do you have cable TV as well, and if so, how's it working? I'm leaning on them now, and they're sending another technician tomorrow morning, so I continue to wait. [Deep sigh.] Aggravated, D.

    Sep 23 Dan Tong Terrible problem w RCN. So - I call the call center to get a trouble ticket noted, and then ask to be transferred to someone who can take care of a credit for the X If the rate of flashing goes up when your PC is online (compared to when your PC is switched off or disconnected), but you do not know of any reason why And I'm with ya on dumping (TV) cable - did that in 2005 and never looked back.

    Sep 27 David Ettinger David Ettinger is a photographer in Chicago. They refused to escalate without rolling a truck. Guess I'll finally call and complain. There is no need for concern: some essential data (DHCP and ARP protocols) is broadcast into the cable network and arrives at every cable modem whether your PC needs it or

    Watch out for scammers! -- https://reddit.com/r/boston/search?q=Scammers&restrict_sr=on?sidebar What's going on this week? Read more Billing Equipment Returns RCN appreciates your efforts to return our equipment. I repeat the question. Customer service says "we'll be there in a 5 business days" and if it gets fixed earlier (by them) and I do not cancel the service call it will cost ME

    I did not see in my agreement anywhere that it says I need to keep track of their trouble reports or pay an extra charge. Too bad I did not know about it a couple of days ago when I had some slow access. Some Motorolas may have only SN (e.g., SN 8386848). Sep 25 Dan Tong Mark-2412 Thanks for your detailed and helpful suggestions.

    Read more Find Deals Now Choose Your Services: Internet Digital TV Phone Check for Service Let’s see what services we have available at your address. Thanks, Dan Sep 23 Mark-2412 CAPS Beat 2412 Co-Facilitator Dan - It's too bad the RCN field techs aren't doing a better job of diagnosing the problem. Resetting your modem reboots it without clearing saved settings. Once you properly connect your new modem to the coax cable in your home, you can install the modem yourself by following on screen instructions.