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Redirect Not Working Htaccess


The redirect forces them to update their systems to refer to the new URLs. Could this be why some are not working? Simply put your URL in the tool, and you’ll see what redirections are in place for that page. Submit Cancel Sam Crocker 2010-04-20T03:40:18-07:00 Another gem of a resource from the vault! Source

This is not the subject for a quick bite-size tech-snack, probably not even a week-end crash-course. But since httpd.conf is restricted to be access, this does not apply at Bluehost. Email* This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. httpResponseStatus Optional enum attribute.

Redirect Not Working Htaccess

This is how Google will present the results of the 2016 US election… By presenting an animated gif of everybody screaming and crying? It is vital to have this functionality, otherwise your site will return '200 OK' and a blank template for any and every requested URL. Submit Cancel Benj Arriola 2009-05-20T12:48:32-07:00 SEO People I believe either come from any of these 4 professions: 1) Writing/Journalism 2) Marketing 3) IT/Technical/Design/Development Some coming from #3 might say "Yeah, this

Fortunately, this solution worked well and the website has increased the sales :-) Submit Cancel g1smd 2009-05-22T15:48:51-07:00 Mass redirection to one page can often be a bad idea. About this Plugin Redirection Support Threads Reviews Topic Info In: Plugins and Hacks 8 replies 2 participants Last reply from: ianharmon Last activity: 8 months, 2 weeks ago 4.4.2 Status: not PHP Redirect How do I redirect users to another page using PHP? 301 Redirect Checker She's an independent consultant who specializes in Harry Potter .gifs, and other badassery.

This is a security requirement of the rewrite engine. 301 Redirect Not Working Wordpress Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit – This is my initial go-to tool for any new site that I look at. Likewise, if you have deployed a new application on a Web server, you could redirect all requests for the old application's URL namespace (for example, http://www.contoso.com/app_v1.0/) to the new applications location Just for example.

Many users will prefer /files/games/hoopy.zip to /download.php?section=games&file=hoopy. Wordpress Redirect Plugin First make sure that you are using Directnic'sdefault name servers (NS0.DIRECTNIC.COM & NS1.DIRECTNIC.COM). match the part inside (.+) and use it to construct "$1" in the new URL. I'm writing it for me, of course.

301 Redirect Not Working Wordpress

You can create rules based not simply on the requested URL, but also on such things as IP address, browser agent (send old browsers to different pages, for instance), and even Thanks again! ~Dubs

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Thanks Jen,  As you said it's difficult to wrap around but this is a very simple explanation of HOW the redirects and URL rewrites work!

Redirect Not Working Htaccess Select HTTP Redirection, and then click OK. Redirect Not Working In Codeigniter Wondering if anybody could help me spot the error.

I am trying to rewrite a parked domain to a subfolder on the primary domain without changing the browser

The redirection from old URLs to new URLs was really difficult because the old and new structure are really different. http://pagesetter.net/not-working/htaccess-url-rewrite-localhost.html Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create danstelter @danstelter 6 months, 4 weeks ago I'm sure I'm doing this wrong. Click Close. Cpanel Redirect Not Working

  1. Thanks for bringing this up!

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    This is a good method for redirecting as well.

  2. I would imagine this would cause an infinite loop, for example: I have http://www.site/com/contact.htm that i rewrite as http://www.site.com/contact Then if i was to make a 301 for contact.htm to /contact
  3. If you are using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2: On the taskbar, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  4. Redirect and RedirectMatch come from Mod_Alias.
  5. IIS 6.0 The element replaces the IIS 6.0 HttpRedirect metabase property.SetupHTTP Redirection is not available on the default installation of IIS 7 and later.
  6. That is, only invoke the Rewrite for Direct Client Requests.

    [quote]RewriteRule ^messyURL example.com/cleanURLpath [R=301,L]

    RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^(GET|POST) /cleanURLpath HTTP/

    RewriteRule ^cleanURLpath /MessyInternalServerPath [L][/quote]

  7. Note: This example is useful if you have removed all ASP-based applications from your Web site and you wanted client requests for the old applications to be redirected to the root

Or can you clarify it in the tag?

I wonder how similar the pages have to be for the engines to figure this out. Beware that omitting the [R] flag or using just [R] gives an unwanted 302 redirect. So I needed the conditional statements in the code, and adding it to ISAPI_Rewrite (in that instance it was IIS server) wasn't going to work.Hope this helps a bit. :)

have a peek here You'll be better off doing a simple RewriteRule just below RewriteEngine On.

When a user lands on a page with a rewritten URL, the code behind that page doesn't change. Htaccess Redirect Last year I recommended to a site that they use canonical tags. You should redirect to the nearest equivalent-content page, and where an equivalent does not exist, you really should send a 404, or even better, send a 410 response.

I think it depends on the type of content that has expired/discontinued but I have seen exceptional results by 301 redirecting the expired pages to the category page the original product

FAQ Topic: Question TypeDomain Name RegistrationDomain Name TransfersDirectnic HostingEmail ServicesDomain ManagementBillingRenewalsAccount ManagementDirectnic PrivacySSL CertificatesDirect DNSURL RedirectionNew TLDs (nTLDs) Need Help? Related reading A Penguin 4.0 recovery case study We’ve had time for the dust to settle after the real-time Penguin 4.0 update was released. There will definitely need to be changes throughout the site whenever you make major overhauls. 302 Redirect Thanks a lot, never ceases to amaze me the variety of useful info I can find on here and the amount of time it saves me in trying to explain some

There are loads of ways you can write this rule. They're in the list with a redirect setup by Redirection plugin, however, when I click the link in the list or go direct to the URL it gives me a 404. Now, if for any reason I need to add some rewrite rules to my /osx/.htaccess file, the .html >> .php redirection will no longer work for the /osx/ subfolder, I'll need http://pagesetter.net/not-working/htaccess-not-working-on-server.html This isn’t an article about doorway pages or cloaking; rather, it’s about problems with the canonical form of the URL for your pages.

The URL appears in the 404 log though. Any potential problems with indexing and ranking the original domain ?

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Nice explanation. Never again. That's a very useful thing to do.

If there's no matching section, sending a 404, or even perhaps 410, is the right thing to do.

Remember Me 0 Cart 0 Items in cart Subtotal: $0.00 View Cart All Products Domains Directnic Hosting Directnic Email SiteLock SSL Certificates Direct Privacy Direct DNS Merchant Account Domains Domain Transfer I would think that the solution depends on if you want the URL to stick around permemantly or if you want them to eventually go away and if the page has How ToThere is no user interface for adding wildcard HTTP redirects for IIS 7. Why are title tags important?

Stopping Display of All files on Web page How to Stop A Directory Index From Being Shown PHP pages do not display If suddenly when you go to your page, you Formerly the Sr. It also obeys robots.txt, so won’t crawls a staging server that’s blocked to crawlers. This might depend on the file name of the pages.

In fact, the only way that I found to do it was by writing the rules in the ISAPI configuration file manually... Are you using the Redirects module, or Jumplinks? The next line means if the browser did send a referrer header and the word "yourdomain" is not in the domain part of it, then DO rewrite this request. ConfigurationAttributes Attribute Description childOnly Optional Boolean attribute.

g1smd edited 2009-05-24T10:25:27-07:00 5 0 Reply Once the 404 status code has been returned by the HTTP Headers it is too late to send any sort of HTTP redirect to the You will definitely need to change the URLs within the site.