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Right Click Not Working In Mirc

Or, using the knowledge that mIRC can't recurse aliases, you could do this: alias kick { inc %k kick $1- Total kicks %k } This will increase your kick count and If you don't understand one there, by all means ask about it. All these popups will say channel text, and will be 'cute saying'. 4. Last two options and Keeptrack button will ask for confirmation before proceeding with their respective tasks. this contact form

This is not. Since mIRC has no default set of cute saying, we will want to add a new area in popups that will be unique from the rest so they will be easy Great, you have made a small set of popups. Pass nothing to it, and $1 will evaluate to $null.

for private messages only, and * to make it trigger in both channels and PMs. A single bracket at the start of the command line (Line 5) and a matching enclosing bracket at the end (Line 9) encase the whole sequence of commands. Custom identifiers take the form of a regular alias, but are used differently. Open Link in New Tab does not work when clicking outside firefox 3 replies 16 have this problem 1745 views Last reply by fonzeka 1 year ago fonzeka Posted 4/19/15, 4:16

Perhaps a command like /join #MyChannel. If you now click on View you can see Clicking on any of these screens under View, brings up the screen selected when checked, and makes that screen available for current Reply With Quote 6 Feb 2009,11:33 PM #7 -pv- View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage Miranda Master Join Date March 2005 Location Slovakia Posts 679 Originally Posted by This means it will match anything.

If your question is resolved by this or any other answer, please take a minute to let us know. Like variables, they can evaluate to $null. It's the ONLY thing an '-' does - to draw a line which is used to seperate groups of Layers (popups). Your nick, provided it isn't in use, should change to mIRCUser.

Now, the script will only respond when they CTCP you with the correct word. Fail, and then try again. As an added aesthetic bonus, if a double-prefixed identifier returns nothing in a menu item, the menu item will not show up. Help?

Ctrl+B Makes font bold. �This is bold text.� This is not. All these popups will say channel text, and will be 'cute saying'. 3. Multi-line Aliases[edit] mIRC requires anything spanning multiple lines to be enclosed in brackets ({ and }). voila it works!!! ;o) * POPUPS AS MRC FILES : As I said before we can only have one popup.ini file , and this one has limited capacity .

For instance, if you did not select a nick on the nicklist, $$1 returns nothing and halts the command. weblink All rights reserved. If you are new to the mIRC, it might be easier to press Alt+R and select Remote tab in mIRC Scripts Editor, then select Load from the File menu and navigate Double-click on an entry will open user info form.

This is a recursive alias. Inside this event block are all the commands you want the script to do. Show hints. http://pagesetter.net/right-click/right-click-not-working-on-mac-mouse.html The if-then-else statement in the event's body determines what text it matches.

All five of your new popups begin with a single period. CTCP *:secretword:*:{ if ($2 == moo) { msg $nick You got the secret word! } else { msg $nick Sorry, you're wrong. } } This event will respond any time someone To define a simple menu item, the syntax is: Menuitem: command(s) So, to make a simple menu item that would change your nickname to "mIRCUser" you could do this: Change Nick:

Commands .

Quit Messages Scripts Security Server Info Sounds Trojans Tutorials Undernet . One important thing to know about remote event scripts is that most of them do not work when you trigger them yourself. The fourth popup (Lines 5-9) is three lines, each line preceded with a new command what to do. Case does not matter.

But what if you have more than one nickname you like to use. If they are all correct, the script then puts the two numbers into variables %num1 and %num2. %num1 and %num2 have an operation done to them (whatever you put into $2) Let's check what is in there: *File: It will help you to load, save and even determine the kind of font to use. his comment is here echomyname2 } alias echomyname2 { echo -a Hi I'm $me $+ !

The say Hi, I'm $me and I am an mIRC user.